Ask any chef about the most-important ingredient of a grand reception.  They’ll speak volumes about good presentation.  Consider the element of presentation regarding the most-popular restaurants in your neighborhood and beyond.

Tablecloths are sparkling white, glasses and forks are undeniably sterile, and servers and staff are neatly shaved, dressed well, and exacting polite and courteous service.  Presentation is crucial.

Presentation is indelibly connected with real estate success.  Spruce up your ability to entice the active buyer’s market with the following home staging ideas.


What will the potential buyers think once they pull up to the house?  Immediate impressions make a difference.  Consider what you think upon approaching a new acquaintance; if they are wearing ragged and torn clothing with unkempt hair you may think differently than if groomed with shiny shoes.  Presentation is important.

Therefore, ensure landscaping is tended to, with trees trimmed, bushes cut, and leaves and debris not taking away from exterior beauty.


Throw a ‘gathering’ or open house to show the home’s interior to potential suitors.  Aside from showing the house, entice comers with entertainment such as a band, free catering or a celebrity.  Anything ‘extra’ to intrigue the interest of buyers is an advantage.

Discuss throwing an opening event or party with chosen real estate agent (Find top agents at agent harvest.)

Flowers and Crafts

Consider the time of year and visual elements, such as flowers and associated crafts, to help add to the visual allure of the front of the home, inner entryway, kitchen, etc.  Consider creating a ‘theme,’ such as a winter wonderland.


Replace or enhance the major appliances of the home like the refrigerator, washer, dryer and oven.  Major appliances, like power steering, windows and locks in a car, are initial elements stirring buyer interest.

Move Out

It’s easier for an agent to ‘sell’ the ‘new home’ feel to a potential buyer when the house doesn’t appear to be already lived in by a former buyer.  Ideal scenarios have former tenants moving out before selling a prior home, but since that is not always a possibility, a clean, staged-looking home will be easier for agents to sell.  Consider moving out or at least limiting your possessions (perhaps placing them in storage) regarding staging and in-home visits.

New Paint

Consider how well a car looks right after a professional cleaning or wax.  It makes the automobile look like new.  A fresh coat of paint on the front door, kitchen wall, downstairs bathroom, etc could make a dramatic difference in aesthetic appeal.


If the home for sale is large, attractive to a larger family, perhaps one with one or more children, consider implementing elements of entertainment regarding showings.  Create a ‘toy room,’ invite a clown to a grand opening, or rent a popcorn machine to stir kids’ excitement and entice parents to attend.

Like great chefs, exceptional real estate agents are great presenters.  Enhance the initial appeal and excitement of your home through enhanced landscaping, fresh coats of paint, entertainment elements for kids and more.  As ‘location’ is so crucial to real estate price and appeal, ‘presentation’ is important in making an eventual sale.

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