When it comes to DIY there are those that know everything and do the job to perfection. Then there are those that ‘make do’ or those that try do the job but make a complete mess.

For example, how many know how to hang a door? Or fix a squeaky floorboard? Many would know the principles behind these jobs but would struggle to actually put it into practice. We have probably all heard the nightmare DIY stories of someone ruining their home by not knowing what they were doing.

By completing the odd job yourself you can save money as you don’t have to worry about getting a professional in to do the work for you which could take both time and more money than you expect.

There are some jobs that need to be done by the professionals but the easier smaller jobs can be done by you.

How to Increase the Value of Your Home

You don’t always need a professional

When it comes to the things that can be done by the Average Joe you would be looking at decorating your home. Painters and decorators may be expensive and they may need to be in the property during the day, this may mean that you might have to take time off work.

Looking online for handy guides and tips is one place to find inspiration.

When decorating your home there are lots of things to consider, so if you want your room to look light and airy or to feel warm and bright? Either way the colours that you choose will affect this.

Visit your local DIY store to collect some paint charts, talk to the staff about your project as they are there to help you and can advise on the right papers, paints or tiles for you. Thinking about the job in hand, having the right tools and the right materials is obviously essential; don’t try to do something with the wrong tool as you will soon find that this will make the job harder for you.

Do the tasks that you feel confident with and when you see the great results it will inspire you to do more adventurous projects in the future…

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