They say that first impressions count and when it comes to your home the front yard and entrance hall really does speak volumes about your home.

One of the biggest issues most homeowners have been the fact that the entrance hall tends to end up as a dumping ground as you walk into the home, this includes all the coats, hats, backpacks, shoes and other items.  It doesn’t take long before the entrance hall starts to look cluttered and indeed like a war zone.  In most homes, the entrance hall is also not exactly a large sweeping space and so this cutter tends to make the space look even smaller and more cluttered.

Don’t worry… There are a many things you can do to sort out the entrance hall and remember if you are currently trying to sell your home then it is essential that potential buyers walk into a space that is bright, airy, clean and free of any clutter.

Note carefully that I said Bright, Airy, Clean and Clutter free because these are the four essential elements of making an entrance hall look so much nicer and will really add an appealing factor when you walk in or invite guests in.

Once again I scoured the web to find a video that pretty much covered it all.  In the video below you will be able to learn some basic interior design tips, creating great lighting, useful storage ideas and make the whole entrance hall to your home more inviting to guests – and all this in just 3 minutes!

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