When you look around your home you will quickly realize just how much timber you have, from a stool to a coffee table, even the wood trim around your doors and windows.  There is a multitude of ways you can decorate your timber, from applying a varnish to paint but have you even thought about distressing wood or creating an antique look?

As an example, if you have an old coffee table that you are thinking of throwing away then why not have some fun with it and see if you can turn it into a furniture item that you can keep for years to come by distressing the wood for a completely unique look.

The Antique Look

This is one of the easiest ways to decorate your wood.  Simply apply a coat of white paint and once it is completely dry take some medium or fine grain sandpaper and rub away the paint on the corners and edges.  This gives the appearance that the furniture is old and worn and is perfect for that antique look.

The Layered Look

This involves applying multiple coats of paint.  I prefer to do this by using different colors so that the furniture looks as if it has been painted over and over again through the years.  Once all the paint is dry take some fine grain sandpaper and rub down in different areas – this will produce a multi-colored effect that gives you the layered look.

The Distressed Look

The idea here is to mark the furniture so that it appears old and batter and very well worn.  You can do this by taking some DIY tools and a hammer and make marks on the furniture surface.  You can use screwdrivers to create marks or screws or nuts and bolts – the choice on how you mark your furniture is endless.

Make the marks randomly as you want it to appear as if all the knocks and dents appeared naturally over time. Once you have finished you can rub the furniture down with a fine grade sandpaper and then apply a nice clear coat of varnish.

I had a really good search around the web looking for videos on the subject and there were many to choose from.  In the end I plumped for the one below which provides a number of ideas on how to distress timber and really give your interior design a whole new look.

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