Spray paints are and easy way to paint a multitude of objects, from metal, glass, wood, plastic and other materials.  Here’s some handy advice tips that will help you get the best finish to the materials and objects you want to spray paint.

Spray Paint Types

Next time you visit your local DIY Store take a look at the spray paint section and you will quickly realize there are lots of different types to choose from.  Most spray paints are designed for specific applications, such as painting plastic or metals.  Make sure you always choose the appropriate spray paint for the job you want to do.

When it comes to choosing a spray paint do consider where you will be using it and where you will be placing the object you are painting once it is finished.  This is important as spray paints, like other types of paints, are formulated for either interior or exterior use.

Spray Paint Colors

It really doesn’t matter what you want to paint the chances are there is a color available to your personal preference.  Of course choosing a paint color really comes down to two factors:

The color you like and;

Does it match other coloration in the setting you plan to put the object you are spray painting?

Using Spray Paints

It is not that difficult to spray paint an object, providing you have considered the two points above but before you go ahead and spray your object you need to ensure that the object is properly prepared to take the paint.

Make sure the object you want to paint is thoroughly cleaned and is free of any rust, dirt, grime or grease.  You can wash most objects down using Sugar Soap.  However in the case of wood you need to give the surface a rub down with sandpaper and then wipe down with a damp cloth.  The same principle applies to metal, especially if there is any rust present.

For objects such as wood or metal then ensure you use a primer undercoat as this will help the paint adhere properly to the surface you want to paint.

When in comes to applying spray paint use a sweeping motion and stop at the end of each sweep across the object.  DO NOT stand too close to the object you are painting as this can cause the paint to be applied to heavily in one area which will result in the paint forming drips and runs – it’ll look awful.  Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the distance you need to spray at, generally this will be approximately 12 inches from the object.

Spray paint can be extremely harmful if inhaled so make sure you are wearing a face mask and eye protection at all times during application.  It is always advisable if you work in a well ventilated area and outside is always best but to be aware that if you spray paint outside you want to do this on a calm day – wind will blow dust onto the surface and it will end up looking awful.

It really comes down to the old adage that ‘Less is More‘ and you need to apply the spray paint in layers.  DO NOT try to cover the whole surface in one  go but rather apply a thin layer at a time and allow the paint to dry between the layers you paint.

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