So you’ve decided you want to lay paving slabs for your own garden path or lay a new patio but have you decided on the paving slabs you want?

When it comes to choosing paving slabs you really do have a vast choice.  To start with there are two main types of paving slabs available, these being:

Whichever you decide upon really comes down to personal preference.  Personally I like natural stone and my favorite is Lime Stone.  The only things you need to be aware of when opting for natural stone paving slabs is that they are generally more expensive, compared to manufactured paving slabs, and secondly due to them being natural you will find that coloration and pattern changes from each slab.  Saying that this, for me at least, adds a certain character to the overall finish.

If you are looking for a more uniformed look then go for a manufactured paving slab as these are generally consistent in both color and pattern.

One thing I would like to say here is to carefully think about the color of the paving slab you want to lay.  I wouldn’t recommend that you lay a very dark color where you get full sunlight or where the light is really poor.  Why?  With the hot sun beating down on the paving slabs all day they are going to get very hot as dark colors absorb the heat.  Therefore if you walk barefooted on the slabs you are going to burn your feet.  On the other side of the coin is laying dark paving slabs in dark areas – these can really make the overall area very dark and almost depressing.

The beauty of paving slabs is that they come is all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes and you are not restricted to just creating squares – in fact you can create any pattern you like.  Take a look at the video below which provides you with some excellent tips and advice on choosing paving slabs.

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