About us

DesignShop want to give a chance to everyone to design and innovative product.

For that sum we partnerships with several design school in United-States, in Europe - on a huge re-design. The design should not have border.

on working with the Indian wedding website we helped them to re-desgin their user interface and have a simple visual page that through informative titles and icons would direct users to the section most relevant to them. This produced a different sort of interface from ones being used by their competitors and has to far generated very positive results, as their traffic has continued to rise on account of a more user friendly layout.

We are also in relation with helps start-up association that to this develop. We believe that innovation and the key to success and that it can do it that has any level.

We have a pole of training and to develop-help. Also if you are young entrepreneurs in design with innovative idea you can contact us. If your project interested we would help you develop this idea.

Our company does not stop here. Every year, in February, we organize one competition on the best innovation of year. Everyone can participate in this free competition. The competition clothe is January. Our team deliberated on Best Quality Innovation year. The latter can benefit our financial support and selling its product through our businesses.

We don`t need to have an innovation in our different categorize. Everybody have a change, doesn`t matter the design and innovation.

Do not ratter this offer!

Our Team

Our team consists of 9 people. Our team are passionate by the designer.

This team is composed of 5 professional product designs, including one specializing in high-tech design, another specializes in innovation and ecological and environmental design, specializing in the design link to the sport and the last specializes in the trend and mode.

We have an art director and a graphic designer in charge to manage the team, our project and our website.

We have a pole trade investor and manage board by 2 people allow us to follow, invest and advise you in your project.

We also celebrated every professional person years of design products that help us make our decision on the best innovation of a year.