We sell products in several design categories. We are specialize in sport design, about ecologic and environment, high tech and trend and mode, to make your life more beautiful and practical.

We saw those markets rise and evolve, and we now have an excellent understanding of the trends that run but mostly uses. The consumer experience is the key to this market. To create new uses, the actors need to think the user experience with their product. We have a good understanding of these issues and we have integrated our teams of young engineers themselves very users of connected objects. We have lately been working with an Indian wedding website on a glorious project of redesigns.

Let see which different product we can offer.


Equestrian saddler! The materials and finish are at the centre of problems of equestrian equipment. The decision is often made difficult face to abstract rendered your projects that do not show all their complexity. Our 3D technology advanced terminates its u no determinations guaranteeing a modelling and optimal viewing of your products in real time. A work in detail in aspects colours and textures enabled us to design this riding saddle which combines tradition of saddler and use of high-tech materials.


We spend 80% of our time in enclosed spaces such as office, transportation, home. Places where pollution can be five to twenty times higher than outside, even in the city. In question? The lack of renewal of the air.

Air Serenity is a young innovative start-ups, developing a technology capable of capturing and permanently rid indoor air of all pollutants. How? By combining inorganic materials dedicated that act like a sponge to fix upstream pollutants sucked. Inside, the cold plasma takes over completely oxidize pollutants retained and avoids generating other polluting by-products at the exit, unlike other methods such as photocatalysis. The first product is a cleaner design air, autonomous and intelligent working with an ecological filter cartridge of a life of six months. Once the used cartridge, simply replace it. It will be recycled and reconditioned before being recirculated.

High tech

Keecker is capable of moving autonomously, connected to Wifi and including an overhead projector, a camera, speakers, and various sensors, robot allows logged deliver content in any room of the house, regardless of the place or cables. It therefore becomes possible to broadcast a movie in the kitchen, surf the internet from the living room wall or to put music during the meal without having to move the speakers.


For many, the tea service is an outstanding work of art, so why would you want your teapot is not up to the ceremony? ROCK POT is a new teapot representing two positions to completely control the brewing process and also the service. Start by closing the cover, simply fill the container with your favorite tea leaves, then fill with hot water. Once your tea is brewed correctly, tip forward to stop the brewing process, it keeps your tea desired taste. Featuring a transparent glass container and an ergonomic handle to pour with ease, POT ROCK took the challenge to your teapot is a centerpiece of your kitchen.